eRikm @ Ircam
__ December 21, 2011
Meeting with turntablist and his instruments
With the participation of Joan Aguila
IRCAM__ June 22, 2011
Excerpts from the conversation (50'00"), video in French.

As part of a special session of Marc Chemillier’s seminar at the EHESS "Modeling of musical knowledge based on orality" organized in partnership with the IRCAM for the ANR project "IMPROTECH", turntablist and composer eRikm is invited to talk about his work as a musician. Surrounded by an instrumental device of turntables and vinyl records, he directly addresses issues related to his way of producing music, to the action and the role of improvisation and technology in his creative process.
Also with a live improvised performance by eRikm along with video clips of performances by Jeff Mills, Christian Marclay and eRikm.
The full transcript of the conversation between eRikm and Joan Aguila is available in French on the EHESS website.

Courtesy of Jeff MillsChristian
eRikm will be also our guest in the next issue of ParisLike in March 2012, with an improvised performance at the Instants Chavirés and an interview with Jacqueline Caux.